March 2018 Newsletter

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March 2018

March 2018 Board of Directors Meeting

The March 2018 Board of Directors Meeting will be held on Monday, March 26, 2018 in the gym at 6:00pm.

Board Vacancy

If you are an Owner and interested in serving your community, a seat on the Board has come open! For more information, please email Management at

Get It Done San Diego

You may want to install the free Android or iOS app on your mobile device so that you can report neighborhood concerns like potholes, tree hazards, side walk repairs, etc. For more information, see this webpage:

Security Committee

Columbia Place is working on forming a security committee. If you would like to become a part of this committee please send an email to

Dog Barking Reminder

While we are a dog-friendly building, as a reminder, residents are entitled to quiet enjoyment of their units.  Please take the necessary measures to limit barking when in the unit and in common areas.  Barking can be considered a nuisance, which is a violation of the governing documents.  Work with our furry companions to make Columbia Place an enjoyable living space for all!

Avoid Costly Sink Backups

The disposal may grind it, but Columbia Place’s pipes cannot handle grease, scraps, cornhusks, egg shells, peels (apples, carrots, etc.), oils/butters, excessive soap, coffee grounds, or rice. Moreover, since condos are stacked, a drain issue in one condo likely impacts those above/below. Please remember – and ask cleaning staff to remember – to avoid the items listed to help keep Columbia Place’s drains flowing.

ALL PETS Must be Registered

Did you know that all dogs, cats and domesticated birds be registered with the Community

by filling out the OTOI form and providing to Management. Dogs must also be registered with the city of San Diego and License number provided to Management on the OTOI Form.

Vivo Portal

Have you signed up for Vivo Portal at yet? Vivo is a great tool to track your statement, submit work-orders, and report non-compliances – in live time!  You can also update your information, such as email changes or mailing address.   This automatically updates in Management’s system without having to go through the middleman.  If you have not already registered, you will need your account number.  This can be located on your statement beginning with “8103.”  The website is

Emergency Situation Protocol

In any type of emergency situation, maintenance or life threatening, do NOT email – PLEASE CALL!  Action and Action After-Hours can be reached at 949-450-0202.  If you are experiencing a water intrusion and have called it in, DO NOT LEAVE your unit even if it is a slow back up. You may end up being responsible for damages due to negligence.  If there is anything that is life threatening, do not hesitate to call 9-1-1.

Rental Units

As a reminder, if you are renting your unit, you are required to submit the lease to management at or to  This allows us to update our communication system and get in contact with the appropriate parties in the event of an emergency.  As always, the CC&R’s require a minimum rental period of 30-days.  If you are found violating this, you may be subject to a hearing and fine.


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Management Team

Community Manager
Adrienne Tutty |

Manager Assistant
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Building Engineer
Eddie Arreguin | Onsite Monday-Friday 7:00 am – 3:30 pm

Management Company

Action Property Management
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750 B Street, Suite 2860
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phone | (949) 450-0202