October 2016 Newsletter

Posted By on September 30, 2016


October 2016 Board of Directors Meeting
The October 2016 Board of Directors Meeting will be held on Monday, October 24, 2016 in the gym at 6:00pm.

Community Manager Change
Kelly Thomson will joining the Columbia Place community as the new Community Manager effective October 10, 2016.  Current Manager, Kim Nguyen will continue to be a part of the account overseeing Kelly, providing her support and guidance as she grows with Columbia Place and Action.  Please come to the October meeting to give Kelly a warm welcome!

Exclusive Use Plumbing Fixtures and Valve Exercise
Please note that the CCR’s explicitly dictate what Owners are responsible for within their unit. This includes plumbing features such as, the exclusive use shut off valves or angle stops.  These should be exercised regularly to make sure they are in working order to shut off water to the unit in the event of repair.  If the Association is making repairs within a unit and requires water to be shut off but cannot proceed due to non-functioning valves, the Owner will be responsible for the repair/replacement of the valves.  For more information on what Owners are responsible for, please see the CCR’s and Rules and Regulations.

Safety and Suspicious Individuals
Please be aware of your surroundings.  Management has been made aware of several incidents where residents felt threatened due to suspicious individuals in the area.  If you find yourself in this situation, please call the police immediately!  If the incident occurred on Columbia Place property advise Management with the date and time so that we can check camera footage.  Management is unable to share the footage with residents, but will turn over to the detective when contacted.

AirBNB, VRBO, Home Away and other Short Term Rentals (Under 30 days)
As the Summer Season is upon us, please take note of this reminder, the Association’s Governing Documents do not allow rentals under 30 days.  If you are found to be renting a room in your unit or your entire unit for under 30 days, you may be subject to a $5,000.00 fine, as well as reported to the City for code enforcement and to the City Treasurer.

Bulk Items Left at the Trash Room
If you have large item to get rid of, please contact Management prior to leaving in the trash room.  As you are aware, the trash rooms are not large and items piling up could cause a fire hazard.  If you are able to break down such items, please do so.  This is not the job of the onsite staff.

Emergency Situation Protocol
In any type of emergency situation, maintenance or life threatening, do NOT email – PLEASE CALL!  Action and Action After-Hours can be reached at 949-450-0202.  If you are experiencing a water intrusion and have called it in, DO NOT LEAVE your unit even if it is a slow back up.  You may end up being responsible for damages due to negligence.  If there is anything that is life threatening, do not hesitate to call 9-1-1.

Clean & Safe – (619) 234-8900
Residents are encouraged to call Clean & Safe if they notice homeless loitering at Columbia Place.  Clean & Safe will ask the homeless to leave and provide them locations of shelters.  Additionally, if residents notice graffiti, broken glass, garbage on the sidewalks around the community on a day where Boiling Maintenance is not onsite, these things can also be reported to Clean & Safe.  This is an initiative by the City of San Diego that all downtown residents pay for via property taxes, take advantage of this to keep the area “clean and safe!”


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Management Team

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Adrienne Tutty | atutty@actionlife.com

Manager Assistant
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Building Engineer
Eddie Arreguin | Onsite Monday-Friday 7:00 am – 3:30 pm

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